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Top questions? Let me break it down…

"I do not treat or diagnose anyone."

1. How will I be held accountable in your program?

My intention is for you to develop sustainable habits and deposit more health into your mind, body and soul. Therefore, establishing your individual foundation of health. As your chosen FDN-P we will connect either in person, via Zoom or phone call. We will meet a total of 8 times over 90 days. The first session will be 90 mins in which we review results, recommendations and kick start your program. The following sessions will be up to 60 min long in which we will spend time going over new habits, education, diet check records, questions, concerns and celebrate your wins. I support you through every step of the process. I will reach out if you step away but will not chase you as this does not serve the outcome of health building. Your why has to be bigger than any excuse.


2. Will I lose weight?

Weight loss is not the main focus of this program, but it is always a nice side effect. When the body is in a place of safety (rest and digest) and not feeling stressed you will drop weight.


3. Will I have to track macros and meal prep?

I am not a macro coach nor a registered dietician who treats clients with clinical medical nutritional needs. This program is a framework of health that relies on your own body awareness. I help guide you. We initially utilize a diet check record (DCR) to help with this process. It is always great to have nutritious REAL food available. What I love about my program is you learn to eat foods that work for your specific metabolic type depending on your physical activity, stress level and season in life. This is helpful when you are at an event or eating outside your home you can make better choices and the body can utilize nutrients for fuel and energy. This is what I mean by REAL health – Real living.


4. Will I have to cook different meals for my family and my program?

When I support a client on this health building journey you can include your family. The only time you would exclude them is if you have food sensitivities and those foods need to be avoided for a period of time. Habits can stay strong with support of family and friends. Diet is a top priority when it comes to investing in health.


5. What if I don’t like to exercise?

You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to reap the benefits of movement and strength training. There are so many options when it comes to exercise and many free resources available. Research shows regular movement can boost mood, reduce anxiety, build agility and confidence, delay onset of dementia, improve sleep, decrease healthcare costs, improve blood sugar levels, longer life span, improve skin on a cellular level and help the healing process. I always recommend seeking additional support from a personal trainer or a local gym to help increase lean muscle mass and tone to increase strength, mobility and endurance. This helps the body build, repair and detoxify.


6. I enjoy exercising every day, will I have to cut down?

Exercise may be scaled down for a period of time depending on the entire assessment of the individual. Moving your body everyday has many benefits and you may need to downshift the intensity.


7. What Is a Food Sensitivity test?

Food sensitivities can play a role in common health conditions. The Mediator Release test (MRT) is a patented blood test that finds out exactly which foods are contributing to your inflammation, pain and discomfort. Many clients feel improvement within the first 10 days of eliminating foods, additives, or chemicals. This test examines how strongly your immune cells react to the foods and food chemicals by measuring intracellular mediator release indirectly. *Outside blood draw required.


8. What type of mindset is successful in your program? Are you a fixed, mixed or growth mindset?

We all learn from “mistakes” and “failures” rather than letting them define us. I believe It takes deliberate practice and step backs to go from a fixed or mixed mindset to a growth mindset. My goal is to have you see this as a journey, not a pass-or-fail situation. The person who does best in this program is open to learning a new skill or practice. Clients who end up in a peaceful place with food and their body nourish themselves better while finding more pleasure and joy.


9. Do I have to take supplements?

Let me say it again, “I do not treat or diagnose anyone.” Our earth’s soil has changed and the way in which our food is grown and harvested. Food doesn’t hold the same micronutrients as before. There are more pesticides (Glyphosate), the water supply has added chemicals and self-treatment with supplements can help fill in those vital voids. They can be a substitute for what’s missing in today’s food supply. These micronutrients can stimulate and support the healing and restoration of normal cell function.


10. How quickly will I see results?

Those who put their energy into their personalized holistic self-care grounding program often see results in how their gut feels in as little as 2 weeks, improvement in sleep and energy within 4 weeks, and changes in body composition within 8 weeks. This program is about the long term and not short quick fix solutions. Every individual is different and your results will depend on many variables such as your current stressors, past stressors, and how quickly and consistently you are able to implement nutrition and lifestyle changes. This will all affect how quickly you will start seeing results.


11. Do you accept insurance? Do you have a refund policy?

There are several reasons we don’t take insurance. This is my opinion. Healthy people do not make insurance companies, stockholders and board members happy. I’m sorry you won’t find my practice on your providers’ list. We have some good reasons why we don’t belong to your plan, reasons that could dramatically affect your health. There are huge amounts of paperwork that are often required. It’s time-consuming, raises costs and takes us away from our primary mission of helping our clients get and stay well. Insurance company contracts also attempt to govern how we run our business. No, we do not refund any payment once Terms of Agreement are signed, the program is paid and your functional labs are ordered and sent out to you.


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